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EGL group orders

EGL Group Orders
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A community dedicated to keeping track of all EGL-related group orders.

Welcome to EGL Group Orders!

This community was born to serve the egl and egl_comm_sales communities as an easier way to find related group orders, but we are not affiliated with those communities.

Community Rules

1. All posts that are not meant to be read by the whole community must be put under a cut. You may put the main details such as the brand name, duration, etc, as part of the cut.

2. It's hard to moderate how many posts someone makes about one single group order, so while reminder posts will be allowed, please do so within a reasonable amount and time frame.

3. This is not a community for sales posts! You may post them at [info]egl_comm_sales.

5. Group orders posted here should be relevant to the lolita fashion, which includes brand and indie shops, as well as those geared to the needs of lolita seamstresses, such as Cheeptrims or fabric stores. If you are not sure, you may contact one of the maintainers. Posting may result in being deleted without warning or a given reason. Repeated posting will result in a ban.

6. The maintainers are not responsible for any group orders and cannot be held liable for any losses you have by hosting or participating in a group order.

8. Items must be shipped out to group order members within a week of the host receiving the order, unless specified, before the order is placed. If shipping is invoiced separately, then this rule applies for after payment is received.

9. I recommend that nobody pays as a gift and that everyone gets a tracking number. It is better to be safe than sorry.

10. You must have at least 5 positive feedbacks on eglfeedback in order to host a GO.

Your group order posts must contain the following information:
-Your EGL feedback link
-A link to the store you will be ordering from
-The deadline for payment(s) (include a time zone with your time to avoid confusion!) and the day you are ordering.
-The maximum or minimum number of participants (if any)
-What country or countries the order is open to
-How shipping will work, and if there is a possibility of having to pay customs.
-Your location
-Appropriate tags

An example of a good group order post would be this one .

As some of you already know, the rules for leaving feedback on eglfeedback have changed. You are no longer allowed to leave feedback there for group order transactions done outside of [info]egl_comm_sales. Here are the details: http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/12834759.html.

You can request a feedback page here: http://community.livejournal.com/egl_go_feedback/443.html. The mod will regularly check this post for new requests. If you have any questions regarding feedback, please email us at eglgofeedback at gmail dot com.

If you have any other questions, feel free to pm me, nyaloli.