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Feeler: F+F GO

So, now that I have FINALLY gotten my computer fixed so that I can see the danged site, I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in a F+F GO?  Does someone want to host one?  Should I give it a go? Let me know!



This is the Baroque Indie Lolita shop, located here in Korea.

Baroque launched New Original print series.

pearl drops GO......Collapse )

More Infos on Taobao GO #5

Dear Girls,

I apologize for the order taking so long. All the DOL orders has finally come into the warehouse and so we're done to just one blouse from HMHM that kept on coming back to the ss warehouse being either the wrong color or the wrong size. So, I am negotiating with Taobaospree in releasing the rest of the order early, since it is literally down to this one blouse. I will update here, when I get more news from TBS. I apologize for the severe delays. The finally blouse once is done, I will personally pay for the shipping of it to the state and then back to the owner of the blouse. It is the least I could do. I apologize once again about the SNAFU. A couple of you have items that were out of stock and the cost of the items is absorbed into the shipping cost for the items to come to the United States. I will calculate your shipping to reflect the cost absorbed.

Thank you once again for your patience.

Bodyline Group Order

Is anyone interested in a group order from bodyline? Their air rate is only 10, but I just want a phone charm. Group orders would be good for smaller items with the new rate, but I remember when I did them before there were a lot of ppl who wanted shoes and dresses too, thus the feeler post.

Taobao GO! Ends June 31st

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This GO is open to anyone, ordering from any store on TaoBao, using TaoBaoSpree.com (abbreviated as TBS below)!

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Taobao GO anyone...?

Hello! My local Lolita comm wants a Taobao GO and I was wondering if I should extend it over here, too? Would anyone be interested?

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