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Victorian maiden GO #2! Now closed, order sent!

This group order is closed! Thanks to all who participated. We have contacted all of you by email already, and will send invoices once we have verified stock with VM.

If you emailed us your order and have not gotten a response, it means we didn't get it. Please send us a private message here ASAP to let us know. We checked our spam box this time, though :)

Original post is below for posterity.


Since we did our first VM group order, we've actually had quite a bit of interest from people who missed out the first time. So, we're doing another one! And we're altering the rules a little bit this time, we think in ways that will make it a little easier on you guys.

First, if you haven't heard of us or know who we are, we're one of the only authorized VM retailers in the United States. You can see us near the bottom of VM's shop list here.


This order is open to all, worldwide! However, shipping charges will be higher outside the United States. We have shipping tables available on our web site policy page here. If you're not sure how much the item you want weighs, well, your guess is as good as ours - but generally a chiffon/polyester skirt will weigh about a pound, accessories weigh less, dresses usually weigh around 2 lbs. So that's a rough guide.

If you spend more than $200 specifically through this group order, we will give you free shipping within the United States, or $10 off shipping outside the United States!


Check out the Victorian Maiden site:

You can pick out what you like there. The nav is all in English, so you can easily find the categories you're looking for.

The entire site is fair game. Just use common sense if you're unsure of anything - you can ask us any questions and we can ask VM for you. (But do it early if you do have questions.) Also, reserve items obviously won't be available immediately, but we'll order them for you if you want.

Send us an email at with the words "Victorian Maiden Group Order for [your lj username]" in the subject line. (We promise to check our spam box this time!) Include in the email the following:

  • A direct link or links to the item or items you're interested in on the Victorian Maiden web site
  • Your real name
  • Your LJ username
  • Color and/or other options you want
  • Your email address where we can contact you
  • Your PayPal email address, if you have one and it's different
  • Your address & phone # (the USPS likes to have it just in case)


The price of any item will be VM's price at the going exchange rate on the day we place the order, plus 10% to cover shipping from Japan.

NEW YORK RESIDENTS will need to pay tax on certain items over $110. Unfortunately, that's the law - and you're technically buying from us, not VM.

Shipping fees will, again, be based on our standard shipping rates found here. Purchase over $200 through this group order and you will receive free shipping within the United States, or a $10 discount outside the United States!


You will receive two invoices.

First, we are treating this like part of our new special order process, so you will need to pay at least 30% up front. This is different than most group orders, where you must pay 100% up front. (Edit: If you want to pay 100% up front like a traditional group order, you can. Just let us know in your email. Then we'll just invoice you for the shipping later, if shipping charges apply to your order.) The 30% is non-refundable except in cases that are outside of your control - like the shipment gets damaged, or there's a delay longer than 30 days. This deposit is not refundable if you just change your mind or decide you don't really have enough money later.

Once you pay your deposit, you have bought the item and are obligated for the balance once the item arrives. If you fail to pay, you will forfeit both the item and your deposit (since we're then stuck with the full purchase price on an item that we might not be able to sell to anyone else). We're testing this process out, so hopefully it doesn't get abused or we'll need to go back to requiring 100% up front for special orders.

We will send you the first invoice as soon as we have verified stock on your item(s) with Victorian maiden. Payment is due within 24 hours or we will remove your item(s) from the order! We're on a little deadline here - we're also ordering for our store and we need our items in before September 24.

Once the order arrives, we will send you a second invoice for the balance and any applicable shipping costs and/or tax.


Please comment below or email us with any questions. Thank you!

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