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Meta Group Order - Closing tomorrow!

Metamorphose Group Order! - Only 10 Spots

I'll be ordering from the Metamorphose English Site.

There will be two invoices:

Invoice 1: Price of Meta items + Shipping from Japan + 7% of item cost (do not include shipping when calculating fee)
* This invoice will be sent after we close, in order to calculate the correct shipping amount.

Invoice 2:
Domestic Shipping + customs + PP fees
International Shipping + materials + customs+ PP fee

Meta GO Details:

  • Go Fee: 7 % of item price

  • Payment Type: Paypal of any type. (Make sure echecks clear before the deadline)

  • New thing: I have a premier account now, so Credit is accepted! The Premier fee will be added to domestic shipping.

  • There are TWO forms. One to be emailed, one to be posted.


  • Customs fees will be split by amount spent.There has been a rash or people getting customs charges months after GOs finish. If this happens, I'll invoice everyone according to how much they purchased

  • Read the entire post. Add the secret word to the email to show that you have read the entire post.

  • If an item is sold out/prices change when I order, I will ask you for a secondary item to replace it or refund your order, etc.

  • Please make sure your links go the actual item, and not the catelogue.

  • There are 10 spots, but I may add more if someone has a very small order.

  • Currency converter: http://www.xe.com/

  • I'll be holding another GO for Bodyline if the shipping deal is still in effect. Otherwise I may host an AP or Anna House GO. I can ship things together from different GOs. XD

  • feedback in my journal and the loligothdbs (hayate_beads)

Meta Shipping (from Japan to me):
Meta's shipping rates are based on the total order amount. Your portion of shipping will be based on your order amount.
Ex: If I ordered 5000 yen worth of stuff, and the Group order total was 30000 yen, I'd pay 1/6th of the postage or 750 yen.

item amount ------------------ postage
Under 10000 yen------------ 2500 yen
10000 yen - 29999 yen ---- 3500 yen
30000 yen - 49999 yen ---- 4500 yen
Over 50000 yen -------------- 5000 yen

Domestic (US) Shipping:
If you have small items, I can send them first class with delivery confirmation XD.

Flat rate priority with delivery confirmation for bigger things. I'll cover confirmation (within the US) No need to pay for anything but the cost of the flat rate envelop or box and the paypal fees, unless you want something besides delivery confirmation. (Check usps.com for current rates). I will smoosh as much as possible into flat rate envelopes and boxes (or not if you prefer). The envelopes are $4.95, and can hold a petty-free skirt or two with packaging or a JSK. Regular flat rate boxes are $10.35 ish and can hold a pair of shoes and two thin skirts/ a thin jsk. They can hold a ton of clothing without shoes 4-5 non fluffy clothing items at least. There is also a larger flat rate box that holds a bunch. Most people end up using the envelope or a regular flat rate box.

*NOTE* Some items won't fit in flat rate containers (i.e large bags, things that won't bend, etc), if that's the case, special materials will have to be purchased. Parasols may be shipped separately from other items to prevent damage.

International Shipping:
Pays the postage cost and paypal fees + the cost of packaging + handling charge (usually about $1, unless it's a real hassle to package) Please note, it might be cheaper to buy directly, or join a country specific GO. I use usps.com to calculate shipping if you want to spot check. I can also send you an estimate according to my calculations.

Form 1: Comment Here(I'll reply when I invoice, or if there is a problem with your order)
LJ Name:
Item List:

Comment form:
LJ Name: i2roro4udesudesudesu
Item List: g719-2l

Form 2 : "METAMORPHOSE GO ORDER- USERNAME" in the email title
Real Name:
LJ Name:
Paypal email
Contact email (if different)

Item #:
Direct link to item:
Item Name and Description:
Category (crown label, skirts, etc.)
Price (in yen):
Go fee:
Order Total (in yen):

Item #: 2092021
Direct link to item: http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/onlineshop_eng/dresses/120920210019.php?ssid=132e211810953034423
Item Name and Description: Pintuck Tiered Pinafore Dress (Solid Color) (Black)
Category (crown label, skirts, etc.): dresses
Price (in yen): 23800 YEN
Size: N/A
Go fee (.07 * 23800): 1666 Yen
Order Total (in yen): 25466 yen
The secret word is YEN. Please remember to make payments in YEN.

Go List - Total: 13300 yen
1. iheartkaname
2. odetosweet
3. Swtgreentea
4. Pidgewidgeon
5. eamone
Tags: metamorphose

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