madohatteru (madohatteru) wrote in egl_group_order,

Feeler for a Cyperous GO !

Hello, everyone !

Christmas is coming soon, so are the celebrations. Is anyone interested in a Cyperous GO, for making them sure they have pretty hair for the occasion?

I would order by the end of the next week at the later. I held a few GO in the past, mainly Cyperous GO and DreamV since I like them so much. I have nothing but positives feedback on Egl Feedback, Egl  group sales Feedbacks and on my journal. As often, many people didn't leave feedbacks, but you can find easily my GO and sales if you look for madohatteru EGL GO or something on google.

As the fees as 3000 yens, if we are less than at least 3 or 4 people, I'm not ordering. I can't order for more than 500 $ USD at one time, so the limits is set at that price.

Let me know if you are interested. Please, not by PM as I seem to not receive most of them.


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