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OPEN → Taobao GO! [order by: 11/30]

personal feedback

This GO is open to anyone, ordering from any store on TaoBao, using TaoBaoSpree.com (abbreviated as TBS below)!

Here's a run-down of how this group order will run:
→ You place your order with me (details below).
→ I send out invoices for items shipped to TBS + 5% package insurance + 10% TBS fee + PP fees + 8% commission fee.
→ I place the order with TBS once all participants have paid first invoice.
→ TBS gives me a shipping quote once all the items have arrived which will be divided among all participants.
→ I send out invoices for shipping from TBS to me + PP fees.
→ I receive the package from TBS.
→ I calculate and invoice shipping from me to you + PP fees.
→ Items will be shipped out as I receive your payments, meaning you don't have to wait for others to pay their shipping invoices for me to ship your package.
→ GO complete~ ♥
→ Feedback-leaving time!

Basic info:
→ The GO will end on 23:59 November 30, 2012 (GMT-6 / USA Central time); if this deadline does not fit your needs, you are welcome to talk to me about it.
→ A very handy list of Lolita Taobao stores + reviewsList of search keywordsTaoBao tag on eglAnother list of stores, more recent;
→ Paypal ONLY or Chase Quickpay if you are in the USA and use Chase bank.
→ In light of the recent scam, I am requesting all payments be invoiced. No gifting unless I know you well.
→ Participants cover Paypal fees.
→ For the first invoice; you have until the GO closes to pay
→ For the second and third invoices; please pay ASAP.
→ I will be shipping from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (19104) via USPS. Tracking is optional and will cost a little more.
→ Willing to ship worldwide, but keep in mind the extra shipping cost.
→ There is no limit to participants.
→ Custom sizing is not allowed, due to time constraints.
→ Questions are welcome!

Please DO NOT post your order here; PM or email them to me at pengu8018@gmail.com; titled "[Taobao GO] yournamehere"
→ LJ Username & Full name
→ Paypal e-mail address
→ Shipping address
And for each item;
→ Size
→ Color
→ Quantity
→ Other details?

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