Milan (cosmic_cake) wrote in egl_group_order,
egl_group_order + GO!

I am joining forces with Reina and her Korean Shopping Service, and hosting another group order for Lemon Cookie and Rowky!

You can access my feedback here:
I am located in California, USA and this group order is open to anybody, however, my guess is you’ll only really save money if you are also ordering from the US!
If you'd like to order, please use this form with subject title "Lemon Cookie Group Order for -Insert LJ Name here- ", and e-mail the form to milandann1 [at] yahoo [dot] com.
*Please also post a comment here letting me know you've e-mailed me to ensure that I've got your order!
LJ Username:
Paypal address:
+URL: (Address of desired item)
+Alternative color: (List all in order of preference. If you don't want to order alternative colors, please put "X" here)
+Size: (Please specify your size in Korean size)
+Other Options: (If you want to purchase multiple quantity, please specify here)
*When not applicable, don't remove any lines, but leave it blank.
When you're buying multiple items, do not put multiple urls in one "URL" field.
This --> '품절' means the item is "out of stock." If it is in the drop down menu, that means that the certain color/size is sold out. If it is in the item title, that means it is completely sold out! If an item sells out after you pay, I'll be sure to give you a refund for that item.
The current exchange rate is $1 USD to 1050 won. I will collect payment in USD using this exchange rate and will send you an invoice once I review your order.
For example, if your total comes to 60000 won, I will request $57.14 + $11.43 (20% fee), $68.57 USD from you.
The first invoice will include your total item cost and the shopping service's 20% commission fee. The second invoice will include a fraction of the shipping from Korea to me. The final invoice will include shipping from me to you!
The deadline to submit your order is Sunday, October 21st at 10:00PM PST.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me, or refer to the shopping service’s website.




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