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Pre order: Wigs wigs wigs!

- The prices do not include shipping and are in Euros.
- Paypal only, no extra fees :)
- I'm not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages.
- The one that can pay first, or highest offer will get priority.
- I've got feedback here and for GO here
- I have cats and a dog, so allergic buyers beware.
They aren't allowed in my room, where I keep the items I sell, but sometimes one manages to sneak in.
- To convert currency, use XE
- Shipping includes the price of the packaging!

- Don't be afraid to haggle :)

UPDATE 13th of april, very important!!!:
I just got a message from one of the group order participants that lets me know that the curly wig is the wrong model.

There has been a mix up with the supplier, he changed the wig models without notifying me (wich already happened once before, but on a smaller scale), probably because he didn't have enough wigs for the big order and thought these were close enough. The original wig does not have a bump and the ginger is a lighter shade, the wig that has been delivered does have a bump and is more ginger.

I'm very very sorry about the mix up, and because shipping everything back would be too expensive, I'm talking to him about getting a discount for the next order (and ofcourse talking to him about making sure the wigs are the right model!). If I can't get a discount for the next order with the right model, I will give the people who participated in this order a 10% discount for the next order with the right order, from myself. The discount I can get from the provider will be added to it and be available for other participants too.

Once again, I'm terribly sorry, and I hope the wig that you will receive will be ok anyway.

All the wigs have been shipped out already.


Ginger gyaru style wig: €35,-
Spots left: 15
I'm holding a pre-order for this beautiful ginger gyaru-style wig!
The fibres are very soft and have a natural shine to them, the wig is already pre-styled and only required to be brushed and maybe fluff up the poof in the back a bit :)
I can only get it in ginger, but the color is absolutely lovely and due to the usage of different tones, it has a more natural effect!

More pictures:
color - please note that the color is very difficult to capture accurately and may look different in real life due to monitor settings. The color is a nice ginger shade.

Curly wig in 3 shades: €35,-

the strawberry blonde is more accurate in the pictures!

Spots left:
Strawberry blonde: 8
Light brown: 11
Dark brown: 10

More pictures:
Strawberry blonde
Strawberry blonde worn

Light brown

Dark brown
Dark brown worn
Dark brown worn 2


This is one of my favorite wigs! It's full, soft and low shine. It's not as overwhelming as the gyaru wig, but with a bit of backcombing in the back the same effect can be acquired! While the strawberry blonde has more of an uniform color, the darker colors have ligther tipped edges wich give it a really nice effect. The fibres in all the wigs are mixed colors for a more natural look. The bangs are pre cut, so you only need to comb it, or run your fingers through the curls!

The colors are difficult to capture correctly on photo and might look different in real life.
The strawberry blonde is true to it's name, a lovely soft gold. The light brown is a mix of a darker brown with red-brown tips.
The dark brown has hints of a wine red color mixed with a nice dark brown.

Shipping & ordering:
I would like to place the order next week, so payments should be made by thursday the 24th , or earlier. Paypal or bank transfer are accepted. I expect the wigs to arrive about 2 weeks after placing the order.

International orders are welcome, but due to the wig being very bulky, shipping outside the EU is expensive.
For US orders it's a good idea to order together so you can save a lot on shipping costs!

The price might seem a little on the more expensive side, but it already includes the shipping costs and customs to me :)

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