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Lief GO! - Aster Cafe series

Aster Cafe Series

This is Lief.
First, sorry about the Gardenberry series.
We met so many troubles with fabric factory, so changed it.
I made strawberry cream there, so you can trust this time.
We'll try to do all thing better then before.

We are going to take "Aster Cafe series" orders.
In this series, you can feel beautiful and faint emotions with the prints.

Order period : Up to August 1st.

Making period : about a month from the end of the order.

Color : Caramel milk tea / Cafe espresso / Ice mint tea

Materials : outshill - cotton 100% / lining - polyester 100%

Payment : with paypal only. I don't pay the paypal fee.

Shiping : EMS / Ail Parcel
You can take tracking number with EMS.
I can mark lower price in the box, but I'll compensation only for marked price when it be lost within delivering.
* fee
17$ / 13$ - to Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine etc.
23$ / 17$ - to Australia
18$ / 18$ - to Indonesia, India etc.
26$ / 21$ - to Canada, Europe etc.
30$ - to America.

We'll uproad the catalog next sunday. :)


Size : S - 88cm / 68cm / 94cm (Bust/Waist/Length)
M - 98cm / 78cm / 94cm
Price : 195$
Spec : Collar, lace of collar, end of sleeve - Ivory color
Waist ribbon - 3.8cm of Satin ribbon, nonremovable.
There are two fine silver line on both sides of the ribbon.
Back fastener
Pocket on the right side
Acril star 4botton on the frint side
Bottom of skirt - watering pattern lace


Size : 86cm~103cm / 66cm~81cm / 94cm (Bust/Waist/Length)
Price : 185$
Spec : Front of bust - Ivory color (2/3/3/2line of pin tuck)
Ribbon - same ribbon with OPS's waist ribbon
Left side fastener
Pocket on the right side
Acril star 3botton on the frint side
Bottom of the bust line & Bottom of skirt - watering pattern lace
(Same color with fabrics)


Size : 66cm~81cm / 50cm (Waist/Length)
Price : 90$
Spec : Bottom of skirt - watering pattern lace(Same color with fabrics)
Ribbon - same ribbon with OPS's waist ribbon
Left side fastener
Pocket on the right side

Price : 20$
I'm sorry for no picture.
A ribbon is top of the band. It'll be usuall design.
There'll be small gold star which is filled with cubic zircornia.

Fabric Samples

In the sample of "Cafe espresso", the green affiliation is stronger then other color, so it is moderated a little. (Blue color is grown.)

In the Gardenberry series, there were printed all of the skirt,
but in here, the prints will be printed on the 2/3 of the skirt.
(The height is about 35~40cm)
The bottom print size will be smaller then now.
There are 9 structure in one dress.

If you have question, or if you want to order,
Please mail me to

I cannot say English very well, so If you have complex question,
Please mail to hear

Thank you so much!


ORDERING FORM - When you give me a mail, plz fill this form.

1.NAME :
3.Check the JSK/SK/Headbow :
4.Check the Color :
6.ADRESS to invoice(paypal mail) :
7.EMS/Air parcel:
8.ETC :
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