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GO Lovely shoes!~~~

US only Lovely Shoes GO!



Ending: July 20. CLOSED
Package arrived today!!!!!
sorry for lack of updates, i've been away for otakon and came back to a smashing pile of work.
everyone has been invoiced!~


** edit: Currently shipping is averaging $9 an item, and i will be charging this rate.  The difference will be put towards shipping to you later.

***** edit: if you already payed for your order I'll charge the increase in shipping to the shipping to you costs.

On average, shipping should be about $7-8 an item if we get about 10 items in the order.  Here's the deal, shipping goes by weight, however i'll never know what is heavier, so instead It's going to be approxiamtely** $1.50 below average for flats and light sandals, and $1.50 above average for heavier shoes.  If you order something heavey like THICK boots, I'm going to ask for $2.50 above average. I well let you know after you order.  **None of the shoes will be shipped to me in individual boxes.
(**this calculation is subject to change so that shipping is evenly distributed, most likely, for the cheaper)

Fees:  I'm just going to be simple and charge $1.50 an item for my time and effort <3

Payment: When the order closes I will post everyone's totals and you have 4 days to make payment before i finalize the order (July 14).  You can choose to send me the payment yourself,  or pay the paypal fee if i send an invoice.  The sooner everyone pays, the sooner I can order.
You will need to pay for your order after it was placed.

Shipping to you: Once Lovelyshoes confirms the order, it should get to me in about 3 days-ish.  Depending how many pairs you order, it should be about $4 for a light pair in a soft pack. Unless you specify, I'm going to use the cheapest method. You can use this  www.usps.com/tools/calculatepostage/welcome.htm to calculate shipping on your own but, remember, weight makes a BIG difference. I always use "confirmed delivery" which works like tracking.   I will send a second total / invoice , and ship out after recieve payment.
NYC pick up will only be on Sundays, and in China Town.

Shopping: Simply use this site to shop, and the form below to order from me. Post the orders in this topic.

Feel free to order order anything on the site.

Sizing: I am a size 8.5 and 41 fits me best.  Use that to scale your sizing choices. **corrected
(note; I can normally wear a size smaller.  40 felt wearable, and i can put my foot into 39, but 41 was ultimately the best fit. I could have worn a 42 too, I'm sure, but i do own a pair of shoes size US size 10, loose, but wearable. All the shoes in my order ran small.)


Link to shoe:
Pick one: invoice me / I'll send payment

***Make sure the link has the color you want int he drop down menu.

View Orders: tiamat4eva.livejournal.com/1523.html current as of 7-20-10

Notes: I ordered from lovely shoes before, and this is not my first GO.
Lovely shoes are cheap wholesale shoes.  Do not expect amazing quality, I am not responsible for your personal disatisfaction. You get what you pay for. That said, I love the shoes I own from them, and i think it was worth it.

Quality: I ordered more than i needed to check the sizing for myself, so I have some shoes here listed and you can see my proof pics. 

Review: community.livejournal.com/egl/15760089.html

Requested size measurements:
41 is 10.5 inches (26.5 cm)
40 is 10.2 inches (26 cm)
39 is 9.75 inches (25cm)
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