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Metamorphose GO: CLOSED!

Hello all!

Since there were several people a while back who indicated an interest in a Meta GO, I have set one up!

~I have feedback in my journal and on Etsy: www.etsy.com/people/emithekitten , http://emi-san.livejournal.com/25593.html/
~I am located in MA, USA.

~I bill in USD!
~International orders welcome!

Shipping: The cost of shipping will be split evenly between everyone. Once the items reach me, I will ship them out via USPS. NEW!!!!! I will pay the minimum cost of shipping from Meta to me (2500 yen). The shipping fees will look something like this:

Order total less than 10000 yen: Free shipping from Meta to me!
Order total between 10000 yen and 29999 yen: 1 person - 1000 yen
                                                                                      2 people - 500 yen each
                                                                                      3 people - 250 yen each
Order total between 30000 yen and 49999 yen: 1 person - 2000 yen
                                                                                      2 people - 1000 yen each
                                                                                      3 people - 500 yen each
                                                                                      4 people - 250 yen each
Order total greater than 50000 yen: 1 person - 2500 yen
                                                                2 people - 1250 yen
                                                                3 people - 625 yen
                                                                4 people - 312 yen


Payment: Paypal only please! I will bill you once I have received your order (cost of items + Paypal fees), and then again once the items reach me (shipping from Meta + shipping from me to you). You will have 48 hours to pay both invoices. Please talk to me if you cannot pay within that time frame.

How to order:
1. Go the Meta's site: http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/english/index.html
2. Shop! =)
3. Fill out this order form:

     Item 1 name:
     Item URL:

     LJ username:
     Paypal address:
     Shipping information:

4. Email your order to me at caorma2088 [at] yahoo [dot] com with the subject Metamorphose GO: [livejournal username]
   I will confirm your order before invoicing you!!

This GO is now CLOSED!

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